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Anthony L. Romano

Meet Anthony

Freeholder Anthony L. Romano is running to become Mayor of Hoboken, NJ, and as a product of 3 generations, he knows this city better than anyone. Anthony understands the issues and concerns of his fellow friends and neighbors, because like them, he shares the same concerns for Hoboken. The city is at a critical time in its history and needs an experienced, dynamic leader; one who has the commitment and drive to build a stronger and more vibrant Hoboken, and Anthony is the best candidate to take Hoboken to the next level.

Commitment to the People

Anthony is a dedicated public servant. He has spent the last twenty years in various public service positions. From a teacher, to a member of the Board of Education in Hoboken, to a police captain and currently as a Hudson County Freeholder, his knowledge and experience poises him as the best candidate for Mayor of Hoboken. Anthony Romano knows how to create balance between growth, public service and meeting the needs of the citizens. As Hoboken continues to grow exponentially, the need for a strong leader has never been greater.

Anthony L. Romano believes in diversity and inclusion. He wants the best this city can offer for all of its residents. He is dedicated to fighting for the rights of all — LGBT rights, women’s rights, economic justice, labor rights and environmental protection. Anthony will work with all stakeholders to develop the best programs and plans the city can offer. He believes in citizen engagement, transparency of government, and the fact that government is here to serve people, and that they should be held accountable to the people.

Ballot Position: 11-H

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Our Team

Our Team

What’s critically important today is that Hoboken, both “old" and “new”, come together to create plans and implement policies that benefit everybody. It’s for that reason alone that we put together a slate of candidates that truly represents the full cross-section of Hoboken’s growing population.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my running mates:

• Laini Hammond

• David Mello
• Charles "Buddy" Matthews

With more than 130 years in cumulative Hoboken history and experience under their belts, Team Romano is THE BEST team suited to bring about better days for all.

Laini Hammond

Laini is a successful professional, and has a proven track record as a leader and mentor. She and her husband are 10 year residents of Hoboken living in he Hudson Tea Building. Laini has a firm grasp on what needs to happen for the best interest of the community.
• A progressive thinker and leader
• Strong advocate for women in leadership
• Her passion and integrity are unmatched
• She will build cohesiveness on the city council

Ballot Position: 11-I

Councilman David Mello

David is a high school teacher in the Jersey City public school system, and resides in Hoboken with his wife and two daughters, where he has lived for over 20 years. A two-term City Councilman, he is also a strong community activist, former union chapter leader, current union member, and a commissioner on the Hoboken Housing Authority, currently serving a second term on this important board.

• Proven track record of fighting to improve the city’s water and sewer infrastructure.
• Strong advocate for open space and parks, who was instrumental in the creation of new recreational spaces in our western neighborhoods.
• Vocal proponent of smart planning and balanced development, that gives back to our community.

Ballot Position: 10-I

Charles "Buddy" Matthews

A retired public school teacher, baseball and basketball coach. Buddy is a serious advocate for educational and recreational activities. He has touched the lives of so many families in Hoboken, teaching their kids about teamwork and leadership.
• Wants to bring recreational activities for kids back to Hoboken.
• Impressive educational background from Saint Peter’s University.
• Experience as a long-time teacher gives him a unique lens on educating Hoboken’s children.
• Will work to develop more enriched educational programs.

Ballot Position: 9-I


Hudson County Central Labor Council Endorses Anthony L. Romano for Mayor of Hoboken

Hoboken, NJ: On October 03, 2017, the Hudson County Central Labor Council announced their endorsement of Anthony L. Romano, candidate for Mayor of Hoboken. The HCCLC is one of nearly 500 state and local labor councils of the national AFL-CIO, representing 36 affiliates throughout the county. The HCCLC represents the interest of working people across several trades.

According to the HCCLC President, Pete Busacca, "Anthony has always been there in support of the labor unions since we've known him, both as a Freeholder and hopefully as a future Mayor of Hoboken. There is no other candidate more qualified than him to serve as the Mayor. We are there for him as he has always stood for the rights of our union members."

The next Romano for Mayor Fundraiser is on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, from 7:00-9:00 PM at The Shepard and the Knucklehead in Hoboken.

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Romano For Mayor Election Day

Please join me and my team to meet and vote Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
Time: 7am-9pm
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Further questions, contact: info@romanoformayor.com

331 Washington St.
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Our goal is to preserve what’s great about Hoboken while preparing us for the future

Transportation And Parking

Hoboken needs a redesign of its traffic and parking plan. Since the latest overhaul of the city’s streets and parking, residents have had to endure ever increasing traffic jams and bottlenecks at the City’s entrance and exit points; bike lanes built with little regard for their effect on vehicular and pedestrian traffic; and lane markings that make traffic worse rather than better. These redesign efforts have resulted in excessive wait times and impeded the efficient movement of buses and vehicular traffic, along with law enforcement and ambulance vehicles. This white paper discusses the Team Romano plan for addressing Hoboken's transportation infrastructure issues.

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Within the scope of infrastructure, upgrading Hoboken's water main systems is an absolute necessity given that parts of the system are over 100 years old. Severe flooding, water main breaks, cuts to water supply, and sinkholes can no longer be tolerated. These issues are all too common and need solutions. It is costing the city over $1 million to make repairs to the water system. What Hoboken needs is a serious plan to upgrade the ailing water system which also includes a short and long-term maintenance plan.

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This year, Hudson County proposed a $538 million budget that would raise taxes in six of its twelve municipalities. Although Hoboken is not at the top of list, Anthony will fight to keep taxes flat and relief off the shoulders of the taxpayers. Part of his plan will be to work with developers who are interested in building in Hoboken to ensure that they pay their fair share of taxes to the municipality. His experience as a freeholder gives him direct insight into the county-municipal tax formula.

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Just recently, the state of New Jersey slashed adjustment aid to many school districts, with Hoboken being one of them. Hoboken lost over $800,000 of needed resources to provide our children with an exceptional education. As a former teacher and Board of Education member, Anthony knows exactly what it takes to help reform the school system, and work with stakeholders to find innovative solutions to the problems. Anthony Romano will always fight for the rights of the parents and children. He will ensure that every child, no matter their economic or educational background, has the opportunity to learn.

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